bad, bad, bad

March 22, 2013

So, I skipped Pilates this morning.  Bad.

Dined on a Wisconsin Kringle from Ohlson’s.  Bad.

(But OH so good.)

Slept.  Bad.  Ok, maybe not that bad.  I needed it.

And when I woke up from my cat nap-turned-hibernation state I decided to eat more Wisconsin Kringle.  Bad.


(It is just sitting there, calling to me…Anne, Anne, Anne…)

After all that, my body was screaming for health.

So I threw every vegetable I had on top of a salad.  With some leftover chicken.  Good.



I am not going to point the finger (*ahem*), but this WINTER WEATHER has to GO!  Grey skies and bellow 30 degree temps in the end of March are RUINING my healthy routines!  Even Moira said she “has had it with this cold weather” this morning.  I wonder where she heard that?

Anyone else wrecked by this crummy weather?


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