glitter shoes {diy}

May 22, 2013

Sometimes I do a little revamp or DIY for my daughter and I end up wanting to do the same for myself.  This is one of those…


Moira had some busted shoes.  They fit, but no lie my husband and I were embarrassed to send her to school in them because they were all scuffed up.  I hated letting a pair of shoes that actually fit go to waste, since they fit for such a short time to begin with.

So we went from drab…


…to fab.



Her momma glittered those shoes up and now they are just sparktacular!  I started with clean shoes and used painter’s tape to mark of the shoes and cover the soles/elastic.  Then the shoes got a generous coat of Tulip Fashion Glitter Bond and an even more generous sprinkling of some Martha Stewart Glitter from my 24-pack.  I let them dry and banged the shoes together over a box to shake off the extra glitter.

NOW, I probably should have ‘sealed’ them with something, but Little Miss was so excited to get them on once she saw them that I didn’t have the chance.  No matter…for the 20 minutes it took me and the fact that we are getting a little bit longer wear out of these previously “busted” shoes, I am perfectly happy…and so is Moira.




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