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mix it up {banana nut smoothie}

May 28, 2013

Sometimes I run and run and run, and crave something after that is sweet.  But I just ran, so yes I could have chocolate cake for breakfast…but that would just undo everything I just did.  So, I filled the “I’m starving, I want something a little sweeter and I am maybe a little lazy right now” void with a Banana-Nut Smoothie.  It was quick, filling, fairly healthy, and good post-run refueling material.  Protein, grain, carb, potassium…aaaallllll gooooood.


Not as good as chocolate cake.  But good.  This is definitely going in my weekday breakfast rotation!

1 banana
1/2 cup quick oats
1/4 cup pecans
6 oz vanilla yogurt (Chobani is my absolute favorite!)
1 cup soy milk
1tbsp agave
makes 2 servings…or one if you ran really far.



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