December 7, 2013
Today, Danielle from Delightful Mom is sharing a whole bunch of ideas for getting the most bang for your gift-wrapping buck.  I love the different materials she uses and how she recycles to make her presents pretty.  Check out some of her wrappings.
Hi, I’m Danielle, a stay at mom who loves making crafts by day, is a graphic designer by nap time, and a blogger by night. I am smitten with all things creative, pretty, healthy and organized. My husband and I are big time project people and I started writing and blogging about our home remodel a year ago. It has now evolved into our life journey of crafts, family recipes and creating a healthy organized life.

Forget the traditional wrapping paper that once was the main source of holiday gifts. Now-a-days it is time to work with less ordinary stationary and recycled goods like newspaper, architect plans, glittery Duct Tape and Washi Tape. Sounds crazy, but stop in at your local architect and grab some old architectural plans that will soon be thrown to trash.

What sparked these gift designs is that my husband, being a contractor, has lots of home design plans in his office that go to waste. How pretty to create them into black, white, teal and red themed gift wrapping!

And then there is the glitter Duct Tape that can be found at any craft store. What a gorgeous display to use it instead of ribbon and cut into shapes on top of architect or newspaper. Think squares and circles! Add a few natural elements such as berries and branches for more “holiday” creativity.

I have recently gotten into Washi Tape and LOVE IT! So pretty to add to pencils, drinking straws, and gift wrapping (rather then ribbon). Try layering it up over newspaper for striking gift decor.

Previously I did a post about gift wrapping with Paper Bags found here. Wrapping your holiday gifts in paper bags is another great source to reuse and recycle. The flower decorations on top are made with cupcake liners.

To make cupcake flowers: spread about 10 cupcake liners flat then fold in half. Staple the flat bottom then pinch around the stapled area together. Next fold back and separate the layers downward to form a flower.

To make burlap round ribbon: cut ribbon into 6 inch strands. Roll and staple together. Do 4 then staple each together.

To make fans from recycled paper: cut paper into large square. Fold over and under until the end of the paper. Fold in half lengthwise. Snip the ends with scissors to make a “V”. Then tape the inner opening together to form the fan.

All of these additions make beautiful inexpensive shimmering accessories for gift wrapping. Happy Holidays!

Aren’t these gifts gorgeous?  Thanks for sharing Danielle!


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