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a very fancy cupcake stand {diy}

December 17, 2013

This week is a combination of birthday week and Christmas week for us.  We have events and celebrations in both areas.  Today, I am sharing a birthday related post.

Moira’s birthday parties were this weekend and she requested a Fancy Nancy theme (we are big fans of Nancy here).  Considering we were throwing two parties in a row (one for family from here and out of town and one for her friends to run, jump and play), there was no way I could do my usual set-up-take-down of all of the finest details to make it Ohh-la-la-luxurious.  I was looking for big impact with little effort.  Enter the fanciest cardboard cupcake stand you may have ever seen!


Now, we may have seen this cardboard cupcake stand before!  It is one of the 3-tiered ones from Wilton that can be decked out any way you’d like.  Over the summer, this very same stand was dressed up for a carnival party.


Once I removed the old decor, I was able to redecorate the stand with some things fancy.  A sequin headband, ribbons, and some feather marabou.  I think Nancy would approve.


I’d say I am definitely getting my money’s worth out of this little stand.  I wonder what it will be next!?!?



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