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January 26, 2014

It has been years since my husband and I have made any sort of big deal out of Valentine’s Day.  Maybe a nice dinner at home, maybe a special treat, but mostly takeout, a movie, and some much-needed time alone (after the kids go to bed, of course).  Last year I decided to make a bigger deal of Valentine’s Day with the kids by starting the morning with a special breakfast.  There were heart-shaped pancakes, heart sprinkles, fruit, special Valentine’s treats, and all sorts of red, white, and pink decor.  This year I am planning the same sort of occasion and thought I would share some of my favorite ideas for a Valentine’s Day Breakfast with you.


A most special start to the day of love does not need to be elaborate to be fun…or memorable.  Here are some cute ideas that make a big impact…

love is owl you need

Heart-shaped pancakes are perfect for Valentine’s Day, and when they are “Owl You Can Eat”, they are even better!  The older kids will love this play on words.  (via A to Zebra Celebrations)

heart fruit

I have found the rumors are true…if you cut things into cute shapes the kids will be more likely to eat them.  Give it a try for a fun addition to your breakfast…or even the lunchbox! (via Parents)

heart wall

Make a simple heart backdrop for your fancy breakfast (or lunch, or dinner) using paper scraps. (via Fleur-d-Elise)


Your Valentine’s Day display does not need to be too involved…some carefully placed treats, decorated with some simple red, white, and pink paper crafts have big impact with lots of ease. (via Hostess with the Mostess)

lunch boxes

Individual boxes complete with the morning’s offerings are a great way to have breakfast in bed, or even a Valentine’s Day Breakfast picnic! (via Sweet Pop Studio)

valentine's breakfast table

I am in LOVE with how neat and healthy this Valentine’s Breakfast is.  All sorts of wholesome foods can be had for your special breakfast, all perfectly matched for Valentine’s Day. (via Project Nursery)

valentine's breakfast

Don’t forget to dress up your dishes!  Whether it be simple heart toppers or a pretty bunting like this, there is a lot of celebration in pancakes with some wow on top.  (via Tatertots & Jello)

valentine's brunch

A special Valentine’s Day breakfast can be put together with some store-bought goodies, a scoop of yogurt here, and a pour of milk there, and no cooking needed!  I love how simple it all comes together. (via Celebrations at Home)

valentine's cutlery

Dress up your place settings.  How cute are these cutlery packets? (via  Bird’s Party Blog)


This family breakfast is so personal, so simple, and so sweet that it could be put together in a heartbeat. Chose a couple of tiny details, like some fresh wildflowers and a stitched heart napkin to make a little go a long way!  (via 100 Layer Cakelet)

Hope that helps you on your way to a most special start to Valentine’s Day.  Stay tuned for what we do for this year’s breakfast!


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