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February 10, 2014

Sometimes when Monday comes, I can’t believe how much I didn’t  get done over the weekend.  Not the case this weekend!  We didn’t go anywhere and our days weren’t filled with running around, but this weekend was filled with with wonderful things.

Let’s start with the new.  I did not intend to go all crazy trying out new things, it just so happened that way.  Like making homemade tortillas for the first time.  They were so amazing, we may never go back to store bought.  I know, it’s a tortilla.  How exciting can it be.  Try it yourself and see.  I used the recipe from The Café Sucré Farine because it was the first one I saw when I searched.  Easy, fast, tasty.  I promise.


I finally caved and bought a mini donut tin, which means I made donuts, naturally.  I used this recipe from Wonky Wonderful for the donuts and her recipe for the Nutella Glaze for the topping.  I was pleased that they were a “skinnier” donut and the kids (and adults) loved them.  They were just perfect for our Valentine’s Breakfast I will be sharing this week!


I made Pulled Pork and Waffles for dinner.  Say what?  It was amazing.  I had made a batch of pulled pork on Friday, and anyone who has done that knows that you usually end up with days and days and days of pork.  Sorry I don’t have a picture to share, I devoured it before I even thought twice, but the recipe for the savory waffles I made to compliment the BBQ pork (and drizzle of maple syrup) can be found on Food Network.

On that note, I have been back on my cooking schedule with my handy dandy menu planner from Everyday Enchanting.  With that, first trimester nausea gone, a short planning session every week, and a completed cooking day with the help of Once a Month Meals, we have been able to cut back on take-out and the such.  I have my eMeals subscription I can’t wait to get to too, but my pregnancy appetite isn’t quite ready for the healthy, veggie rich diet I chose from that program.  Soon.

In other weekend news, I cleaned almost my entire (unfinished) basement, including my crafting area so that I can start to purge, organize, and get that under control.  It was an all day task, but the kids got to reclaim their basement play area, jump on the trampoline, and play with some ‘new’ toys in the meantime.  There was some hormonal sadness when I got to the SLP-work-related boxes (ok, there was sobbing), but I am moving on with a most positive attitude.  And with all of that cleaning comes some organization.  I will be sharing some fun and easy organization-upcycle-diy projects with you soon!


All-in-all it was a fulfilling weekend, but I am not going to deny how I can’t wait for the warmer weather.  It think I might be going stir crazy!


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