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February 17, 2014

I think I can finally say that my stamina, appetite, energy, and overall functioning is improving in the this past week of pregnancy.  I am feeling mostly back to my pre-first-trimester self, and I think I will milk it for all it is worth before it runs out.

Here are some snippets from our week and weekend, via iPhone.

One of the many reasons I love my husband…he brings home 4 pints of Lake Effect Artisan Ice Cream.  Sort of a huge deal Buffalo.  I won’t comment on how many pints are left.


The weekly special breakfast at Ohlson’s with Moira.  It is one of the highlights of our week.


Homemade Valentine’s Day cupcakes to compliment a heart-pasta dinner.  Can’t beat that!


Playing with Play-dough for our nightly “play date”.


Homemade scones.  I am so very close to replicating the scones we had in Ireland.  So very close.


Craft “room” progress.  It is in the basement but look at that small ray of light shining on my desk.  That makes me smile…


Paper.  Everywhere.


Then the solution to paper scraps.  Ah, that’s better.


A true carnivore’s breakfast, courtesy of Mr. CB.  And let’s not forget the artwork of the day, courtesy of Moira.  That’s Minnie Mouse getting married and all of those blue spots are tears.  The people are crying because she is getting married (where DOES she come up with this stuff?)


Lastly, the benefits of finally sorting the boxes of paper scraps…Mustache favors hidden among the mess.  Note the haircut…


How was your weekend?


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