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February 24, 2014

Good day!  Today I am sharing what we have been up to.  Mondays have been a “life in general” for a while now, documenting anything new and exciting that may be going on in the CB household.  While this still holds true, I will be using more of my iPhone pictures to tell the story of the week.  My phone is like a limb, and the camera on my phone gets just as much play as my DSLR does.  I find it a fun way to review the week, and with it I have some opportunities to share some projects in the works, links to other sites that I love, and some faves of the moment.  With that, this week…

I am finally, almost done with my craft space.  Being able to see everything I have has been making everything so much easier…and also makes me realize I have a lot of stuff.


We have had some gorgeous weather and I have been taking advantage by doing some walking.  Too bad we are back to crap…


Being stuck indoors means lots of loud music that makes me want to shake it.


I have been dreaming about Chicken Riggies again, ever since my post on Somewhat Simple.  Go see, go make, and be happy.


More energy means more workouts.  This one is a killer and I love it!  (Find it on Amazon.)


Pretty flowers make me feel like it’s spring.


Coffe and donuts for breakfast.  Sometimes you just have to.


Ballerina Math.  Moira has been loving sitting at the counter doing busy work.  This pack comes from 1+1+1=1.  The site is full of awesome themed printables for tots, preschoolers, and beyond.  I have followed Carisa for years and love all of her stuff!


Oh, and we have Kindergarten screening this week.  Where has the time gone?

Forts took over our living room on Sunday.


Mr. CB is obliging me with a finished and fancy laundry room.  It’s our first home improvement project in this house and it is coming along just as I would have envisioned it!  I will definitely share it when we are done.


I am loving my bright, coral-colored roses from a little shindig I had this week.  They definitely brighten up any gray day.


And lastly, I was supposed to go to the Justin Timberlake concert this weekend, but it was postponed…to July…two weeks before baby number 3 comes.  Anyway, I love his apology to Buffalo on Jimmy Fallon.  Class.  Act.

Have a great week!


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