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March 10, 2014

Happy Day. Here is some of the goodies from this past week!

We started the week with Baby K’s first pictures.  So precious.  We did not find out if it will be a boy or girl…we love the surprise of it too much.


Post Dr. appointment breakfast with my man.


On the topic of not finding out the sex, I can’t stop looking and dreaming of these fabulous Neutral Newborn outfit ideas by Couture Colorado Baby.  There are such sweet clothes that can work for baby boys or baby girls.  See ya yellow duckies!

The Neutral Newborn

Cooking day using Once a Month Meals.  If you don’t, you should.  It is a bit of work, but this meal planning solution has literally changed our lives!


Still sticking with my disc bound planner for home, blog, work, and kids.  I really love it.  You can see how I use it in this post.  This has also changed my life.


Moira and Ronan made Calder Mobiles from one of their Kiwi Crates.  That subscription has turned out to be great decision.  Everything is included right there for you to do a quick and educational craft with your kids.  Big fan right here.  BIG.


Moira and Ronan learned that when the light hits the mobile, it shines little colored lights on the floor.  And then we start chasing and trying to catch them, pretending they are fairies…


Girls’ night out complete with a spicy shrimp pasta.  Baby K likes spicy.  Unfortunately, heartburn doesn’t.


Weekly breakfast date at our favorite spot.  Moira got a mint chocolate chip muffin that was as big as her face.


Sabotage.  These are seriously my weakness…


Lots of Ronan’s artwork from school came home this week.  He likes red.


Speaking of artwork…


I do love weekend mornings.  Thank you Mr. CB for the waffles.


Snow.  Oh, how I have had enough of you, snow.  Making the most of the last of the winter by collecting snow crystals…


And, OH…Ronan found Olaf’s hand!


Finally, waking up to find my son in his sister’s pink tutu skirt.  I have said it before, real men wear pink.


Hope you had a great week and weekend!


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