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March 16, 2014

Happy Sunday everyone.  Since I have been on a cleaning, decorating, organizing kick for a couple weeks now (thank you nesting), I am sharing one of my favorite upcycled craft supplies with you.  Today is all about Tin Can Crafts & Upcycles.


I don’t attempt to hide my obsession with upcycling and using everyday items in new and exciting ways. I have always loved using tin cans in my upcycle and storage projects. There are truly so many options, and let’s not forget how inexpensive your supplies are when you use an old can. I personally think the 28 ounce cans are the best and I very rarely toss one into the recycling bin once it is emptied of its food contents.  So I dare you–jump on board.  Save a can and make it pretty.  I think it is safe to bet you won’t go back after you discover how fun and cheap it is!  Here are some clever and/or beautiful ideas to get you started:

clutter cups

Clutter Cups via HGTV

can planters

Tin Can Planters via Apartment Therapy

cork cups

Cork Covered Pencil Cups via The 3 R’s Blog

drink holders

Outdoor Drink Holder via Positively Splendid

glitter can vase

Upcycled Glitter Vase via A Bubbly Life

hanging tin cans

Hanging Tin Can Flower Pots via Red Brolly

metallic can

Metal Can Bud Vase via Two Delighted

picnic cans

Picnic Cans via Sweet Paul Magazine


Recycled Can Charm via Cheap Crafting

sisal wrapped cans

Sisal Wrapped Cans via My House and Home

tin can cover

Tin Can Cover via Elsie Marley

tin can garland

Burlap and Tin Can Garland via Fox Hollow Cottage

tin can organizers

Organizer Cans with Printable via Maiko Nagao

tin can

Tin Can Storage via Luzia Pimpinella

wall storage

Wall Storage via Midwest Living

So many great ideas, right?  Start saving those cans!!!  Do you have a favorite that you would you do first?


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