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March 24, 2014

Phew!  The kids and I are back home from CNY after a very full, very busy, and very satisfying week.  Although both kids had a couple of days of suffering through some sort of stomach bug, there was still plenty to do and plenty of fun to be had.  The sickness only slowed us down a little.  If you ask Moira, however, she has a laundry list of things that we didn’t get to.  It is true, there is always so much to do when we visit my family there that we almost always run out of time to do them all!  Some of the excitement–

Baking and lots of time in the kitchen.  Besides our Utica Chicken that we made (you can find the recipe here), we made Mr. CB’s Grandma Mary’s Irish Soda Bread…


…and Magnolia Bakery’s Banana Pudding.  Heaven!  We used this recipe here.


Moira had popsicles for breakfast.  She was so sick she didn’t even enjoy that!  Poor honey.


Once everyone perked up a bit, we did one of the many Kiwi Crates we have.  This one was a science kit that explored density.  The kids loved making the ‘potions’.


My mother and I got some wedding, shower, bachelorette planning done for my little sister.  Including booking the venue for the shower, which serves this amazing bread pudding!  I can’t wait to share the details of that event!


And what would a visit to Utica, NY be without a stop at Holland Farms Bakery for some Tomato Pie and Half-Moon Cookies?


Oh, look!!!  Half-Moon Madness.  Don’t mind if I do!


What is a Half Moon???  Oh, friends!  And please, accept no imitations!  (BTW, you can have Half-Moon Cookies delivered right to your door, straight from Holland Farms.  Dangerous!)


Once the kids felt better, we took them on their first bowling adventure!

bowling-ball bowling

They loved the cool shoes.


Mommy had some struggles here and there, but at the end of the day, when a Mommy sees this…all of the troubles melt away.


Then they wake you up at the crack of dawn…


Once we returned home, I found this!  Circus Berry is featured in the “It’s in the Details’ section of Mingle Magazine!  EEEEEEEK!


My Little Man surprised me with these little gifts on Saturday morning.  He is going to make some lady very happy someday…


Miss Moira finally got to try on her new dress that Gramma Donna got for her.  This girl is just GIDDY about fancy dresses!


Looking back through these pictures, it seems like it was such a crazy week!  We certainly did a lot.  It is nice to be home and to get back into the daily routines.  Hope your week is delightful!


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