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April 3, 2014

When it comes to home decor, I have totally immersed myself in DIY.  I have found that it is one of the least expensive ways to decorate, not to mention it is personal and and easy to swap out when I grow tired of it.  It is a great way to keep things fresh.  Today I am sharing some of my favorite ways to crete inexpensive wall art for your home.  Granted, these are not the ONLY ways to deck your walls with DIY, just a few, but you will see them again and again in my mini home decor tour.  And you will see that I have not included my own photography in my list because that is sort of a given.  Let’s take a peek!

Framed handmade greeting cards.  When we went to Ireland last year, we stepped into a quaint (and tiny) little toy shop in Galway that I just fell in love with.  I didn’t buy any toys, but did snag some hand painted greeting cards that are now framed and placed in a couple rooms, including the kids’ rooms.


(This one is actually a drawing of the toy shop.  I thought it was so sweet.)

Free printables.  Earlier this week, you could find me over at Or So She Says sharing a fun, versatile, and practically free form of wall art. I made it by simply printing off some images and coloring them with different mediums to get this fabulous result.I am so very happy with how easy, cheap, and great this turned out to be, I am already thinking of my next seasonal print to color.


Empty Frames.  This one is no secret.  You can find dozens and dozens of images on the web of full gallery walls full of empty frames.  This one that I have was a thrift store find that I emptied and washed up nicey-nice.  It is one of my faves.


Framed typography.  Take a familiar or favorite phrase or greeting, and frame it.  My “hello, hello” decor was made using the pen tool of my Silhouette.  I colored it in with a Sharpie, framed it, and it now hangs in my entry.  How inexpensive and spectacular is that?


Framed findings.  These are doilies that I found in the dollar bins at Michaels.  They are perfect for a little girl’s room and that is exactly where they are.  Two dollars.  Done.


Framed vintage post cards.  Vintage post cards can actually can range in price, but mine were only a dollar or two a piece.  The ones that I display here are locations that related to our wedding…where we had photos taken and the site of our reception.  These may very well stay up forever.


Framed vinyl cut outs.  This one is also no secret.  I chose to frame my vinyl in clear floating frames because, well, I just love the look of it.  The arrows were a random choice but I thought pretty masculine for my husband’s office.  The numbers are our anniversary year.  That’s the nice thing about vinyl.  You can cut anything to be personal to you!

vinyl-arrows vinyl-numbers

See how easy and practically free these can be?  I hope I have given you some ideas for DIY for your home.  The options are truly endless and I promise you will have the most satisfied feeling when you look up and see something you have created!

Do you have any favorite DIY wall decor in your home?  Or maybe on your list of to-dos?


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    I agree that everything looks better in a frame. Nice post.

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      Thanks for stopping by!

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