mini peanut butter cup & chocolate chip cookies

April 5, 2014

A couple of years ago, I discovered the total joy and deliciousness of The New York Times Chocolate Chip Cookie.  You know the one that I am talking about.  It can be found all over the web and for me, it was IT.  Ever since then I have been wanting to use it as my cookie dough base for other chocolately goodies.  When I received a bag of Mini Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups from Hershey’s recently, I knew just what to do.  The most perfect chocolate chip cookie ever playing host to one of the best chocolate candies ever?  Oh, yes.


Backstory…in Central New York there is a bakery company called Freihofer’s that makes an amazing chocolate chip cookie.  They are small, chewy, chocolatey, and seemingly have a little bit of saltiness to them.  They are heavenly.  And they are the foundation on which I usually compare any other chocolate chip cookie experience.

The NY Times cookie is my new standard.  Sure it takes some planning–you can’t just whip up these cookies in one day since the recipe requires the dough to be refrigerated for at least up to 24 hours.  It takes some ingredients you may not have on hand at times–bread flour and cake flour and fancy, expensive chocolate chips.  That all being said, it is still the one.  You HAVE to try this recipe, even if you don’t use the peanut butter cups.  But why wouldn’t you?

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