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April 28, 2014

Happy Monday, and since I am a little bit late today, Happy Tuesday too.  This is my last week of full time work as an SLP and although it has been fun, I am exhausted!  I will be back at it with some regular part time work next week and am looking forward to being able to divide my time better between job one and job two.  Enough of that though…what were we up to this past week?

I have been working on some Early Kindergarten skills with Little Miss at home, getting a jump on things.  She loves that she can read and write new words and only hope that passion stays with her for many years to come!


We have a little hambone on our hands.


Momma Robin finally laid all of her eggs and has been sitting on them all week.  It has been fun to watch the progression of things!


Moira had her first cello performance at daycare, where she got to show off all of the fundamentals she has learned.  She was nervous, but giddy really.  Proud.


We ate out a LOT this week…between appointments, performances, and errands we were barely home.  Yet another meal to sabotage the diet…Beef on Weck and sweet potato fries.  Ok, it was worth every bite.


To add to the excitement, there was a lot of tea this week for the perfectly timed cold.  The remedy of herbal tea, honey, and brandy is one that has been passed to me from my Mom, for those times when you “can’t take anything else”.  The best home remedy, ever.


Moira and Ronan have been asking to do crafts a lot lately (kids after my own heart!)  After reading a Fancy Nancy book about Earth Day, this is the craft that Moria has been requesting all week–the pencil can.  Completely unguided and unprompted.


We finally made it to the local library after being here for over a year.  Moria got her very first library card…and about 10 books to go with it.


When you can’t have an ice cold beer at the end of a busy day, have a Johnny Ryan instead.


The best part of  Saturday and Sunday mornings.  Thank you Mr. CB.


I put out the garden sensory bin and no sooner had it touched the ground when the kids started creating gifts for Mommy.


It feels so good to take a look at some of the highlights of a long, and sometimes trying, week.  Little gifts…

Hope you have a great week!Signature_zpsbf29e5311

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