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July 14, 2014

Good morning and Happy Monday. I have clearly been absent from posting and sharing regularly for far too long. Much has happened and continues to happen on the home front here and what I have found is that the longer I stay away, the harder it is to bounce back.  So, here I am today to just give an update, let my readers know I am still here, and to give a glimpse into some of the great things I can’t wait to share.

I apologize in advance for the word-heavy post.

As I wrote before, I accepted a Speech-Language Pathologist position back in April–short term and part-time–that extended to just a couple of weeks ago.  It was a great opportunity to get back into it, to see how much I really missed it, and to give myself a better idea of what I might really want to do with that professional background.  As it turns out, I did miss my SLP work…at first.  Then I missed my blogging life, my creative brain, and being available physically, mentally, and emotionally more for my family.  Trying to do all three (SLP work, blogging, and family) was oh-so exhausting.  I constantly felt like I was spread too thinly and couldn’t get to anything I actually wanted to do.  As Mr. CB put it, I was “neither settler nor explorer”.  Oh, how the tables have turned!  Whereas I was sobbing in my basement over my therapy materials and books several months ago, I am now ready to pack them neatly away for the time being.  I suppose that is the difference between being ready to do something willingly and being forced into it against your wishes.

Since being done with that work at the end of June, I have spent the time nesting, resting, and everything in between!  I have been getting to some of the home to-dos that fell to the wayside, trying to get better at preparing meals (vs the takeout that we relied on for months), getting ready for baby in some ways, and working on posting a little here and there.  You may have seen some of my posts where I contribute monthly, like these:


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On the home front I went through a slump of trying to get my head on straight and get my mojo back.  It seems like the anticipation of baby number three coming has stopped me dead in my tracks from getting anything else done.  It could be any day now and that waiting is brutal!  (I am just over 38 weeks and having pretty uncomfortable contractions, sporadically, every day).  And this pregnancy-brain-thing is no joke!  Motivation, inspiration, and general thinking skills were on the fritz for a couple of weeks.  No matter what I thought of doing, I felt like I just couldn’t follow through.  Or remember.  And let’s not forget the last trimester exhaustion.  If I wasn’t going stir crazy trying to figure out what to do, I was struggling just to keep my eyes open and my body moving.  Sure, I am still tired (especially since sleep at night has become more of a challenge–thank you very much hip back and heartburn pain), but full-fledged nesting has kicked in and I have found a little bit of energy to get through my ‘lists’.  What a relief!


It all came to a head last week.  I snapped out of my stupor, into action, and went from zero-to-sixty in one afternoon, preparing a number of posts to share this week and next…some treats, some crafts, some decor, and some party ideas.  It was a tiring but therapeutic, happy, and fulfilling day.  And it was a gentle reminder of where I want to be right now.  So, what do I have to share?  Some great uses for seasonal fruit (enter: cherries!), a fun and easy straw bag upcycle, and some can’t-go-wrong pieces of DIY abstract art.

In the upcoming weeks, I will also be sharing some of the parties I put together, including my son’s Contstruction-themed third birthday and my sister’s Vintage-lace-style bridal shower.  These events turned out beautifully and I can’t wait to share the details!


And maybe, just maybe, I can share the announcement that little baby K has arrived, whether I am carrying a boy or a girl, and the big name reveal sooner than later!


See you this week!


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