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September 29, 2014

Here we are and it is almost October. I can not even believe how time has been flying these past couple of months. “They” were not joking when they said that our babies grow up so fast. Since Áine has been born, time has seemed to speed up. In the meantime, I can’t help but feel that life is passing my by…lightening speed-like.


For example…I have not posted on here in over a month. Almost two to be exact. I mean, WHAT?

Here is the deal: I have had the best of intentions to keep things going on Circus Berry at a pretty good clip. Clearly that has not worked out. Taking care of three kids, one being a newborn with a crazy schedule, plus the new music, dance, and tumbling lessons has given me a wake-up call–my time is, well, nonexistent. Let me be a little more accurate though…I have dedicated myself to daily exercise and clean(er) eating using Beachbody’s 21 Day Fix Program, which definitely takes some time and planning. If it wasn’t for that little nugget of “me” time each day, I would go crazy. All things considered, it does feel pretty darn good to be back in most of my pre-baby clothes at 2 months postpartum…and I am seeing muscles I never saw before too! Winning!

IMG_7386 IMG_7388

Turns out I have to resign myself to the fact that until my baby girl heads off to daycare at least a couple of days a week (or has a more predictable schedule), I will not be posting with the regularity I would like. Or cooking fancy meals regularly. Or crafting to my heart’s desire regularly. I have to accept that odd jobs and projects in the house are not going to be done as quickly as I would like (let’s face it, when are they EVER?). I have to be okay with it. IT IS SO HARD FOR ME TO DO, but I am working on it and it is happening slowly.  Here is a shot of my almost-completed mudroom wall that has taken me weeks, if not months, to finish:


**Another “funny” story: I bought a jar of tomato sauce the other day. OMG! Yes, I bought a jar of sauce. The kids have to eat and despite my efforts to make batch of sauce, it didn’t happen. I stood in the aisle of the local Wegmans for about 5 minutes, inner turmoil and all, reading labels until I chose a small jar of Wegmans-brand sauce that contained only 5 ingredients. THAT is an accomplishment. I still twitch when I think about it, even as I write this, but I did it. Baby steps.**

In an effort to manage my expectations, I did a little brain dump last week, setting out some of my priorities and things I would like to accomplish on a (mostly) daily basis.


The day flies by and by the end it feels like I have gotten nothing accomplished. So, I am trying to set reasonable goals for each day focusing on my own wellness (i.e. exercise, eating, stress management, sleep), the health and wellness of my family (i.e. healthy meals, kindness, play, responsibility…the occasional date night), the smoother functioning of our household (darn that laundry), and my own creativity (i.e. photography, journaling, reading, learning Spanish). I can’t control much these days, but if I get a grip on some of the day to day stuff I might feel a little bit better about the fact that I don’t in fact have control.  Maybe?  I have even recruited the help of some awesome programs to help me on my way:

Emeals–Thank goodness for pre-done meal plans complete with grocery lists!

Beachbody 21 Day Fix–30 minute workouts done daily, at home, with little equipment needed…and a no-brainer nutrition plan.  It works and is totally doable in this crazy time.

MOMables–I make Moira’s lunch everyday and not having reinvent the wheel when it comes to healthful, whole-food lunches and snacks has saved me time and energy.  And if you sign up to Plum District you can now get the program for 39.50 for a 1-year membership.  Make my life easier for almost 40$ a year. Yes, please.

Duolingo–(Re)learning Spanish has been on my list of to-dos for a long time.   With this (free) app, I have been practicing for about 10 minutes a day, while baby nurses.  Now that is multi-tasking!

So there it is.  A glimpse into my mommy-brain in its current state.  Make sure to visit me again soon!  Even though you won’t see new content daily, I promise there will be some fun things popping up here as I make my way through “managing my expectations”.

Thanks for sticking with me!


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  • Reply Ginger September 29, 2014 at 5:37 pm

    Anne, you are a rock star mom! Getting all figured out, taking care of yourself, getting your priorities straight. Awesome!

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