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doodled easter eggs

April 8, 2014

Today’s project comes to you as a result of me wanting to do something fast, something fun, something untypical of Easter Eggs, DIY, super simple, and something that matched my colors in almost any room of my house.  It all came down to doodling.


There is something totally relaxing about doodling, and at the end of the day when I was zoning out to some prime time television, I doodled away.  No particular plan in mind really, just a couple of lines, shapes, and patterns.  I kept it minimal and simple this time but am already thinking about some more elaborate doodles.


All you need is some plastic Easter eggs and permanent marker, like a Sharpie.  I did white eggs, but any color to match your style or decor could be fun.  If I trusted myself to be gentle, I might even use blown eggs.  I am not gentle.  I can already hear the string of curse words as I break egg after egg trying to ‘gently’ doodle.  If you are not-so-careful, or even not-so-lucky, like me then go with plastic!


Now that I think of it, I may just dig out the bright & pastel eggs to draw on next, just because.  That was fun!



life in general

April 7, 2014

Happy Monday.  There have been a lot of changes here at the CB household this past week, the biggest being me returning to a Speech-Language Pathologist position.  That’s right–I’m using my SLP brain after a year off.  It has made for a hectic week and I have some adjusting to do for sure.  It’s amazing though–I feel slightly more on task and have made a little more time in my day to do non-work sorts of things.   Like leisure reading.

WHAT?  I never read for pleasure anymore.  This week I finished two books I had started months (even a year) ago and started two new ones.  Look out.  And what goes better with a good book?  Ice cream.


We enjoyed some of the warmer weather.  The kids have been WAITING to ride bikes.


I committed blasphemy by buying a can of store-bought frosting.  Short on time means go with what’s easy.  And color it green while you’re at it.


I have come full-circle, returning back to the place where I started my career as an SLP.


I found a new favorite candy bar.  I want to buy these in bulk and eat them every day.


The long and the short of it.  There is all sorts of excitement coming.  And the weather is getting warmer.  THANK GOODNESS!  Have a great week!


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life in general {playing hooky & picking strawberries}

June 17, 2013

I played hooky this week not once, but twice with my babies…


Ok, well once really wasn’t hooky.  The little man had his two-year check-up and we went to Starbucks for a little breakfast snack after.  This place in particular had all of the tables along a length of  window that faced the drive-thru.  Ronan sat there and waved to every car, every person that passed through Starbucks.  It made everyone smile…little ray of sunshine.ronanAaaannnnd…the second time wasn’t really hooky either  since I actually told Moira’s teacher she was going to be out for the morning.  We waited all week for a decent day (aka no thunder storms) and it finally came on Friday…strawberry picking!moira-squared

moirastrawberries-&-daisies strawberries

The berries were great.  It was muddy but the weather was perfect.  And it was a thrilling morning for Moira, breakfast and berry picking…such a big deal to get out of school to do something special with her Momma.  She picked about 20 berries and said, “I’m done.  I want to go see the animals.”  Then she ended up picking daisies and eating every large berry she could find for the rest of the time.  But, she was so proud and excited.  We even brought some of the harvest to her teachers.

In total we brought home 16 quarts…is it bad that I plan on going back to pick more?  I have all kinds of strawberry treats on my mind!


Mommy's Monday

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tiny dancer {2013}

June 6, 2013

Moira’s first dance recital was this weekend.  For her big debut, she sang, tapped, bounced, shook, and waddled to The Penguin Cha Cha.  It was nothing short of adorable.

Equally as endearing and funny was her posing for pictures.  She is quite a ham.  These were taken at the dress rehearsal.  When she walked into the theater, she completely lost her mind with anxiety.  Once she was dressed and backstage with her little penguin friends, though, she was ready to go.  And that is why the posing for pictures is nothing short of awesome.  It was only minutes before this that she was in hysterics.

bw-dancer moira-posed posed


Look at how serious she is on stage.  All business.  She did smile a little here and there, but it was mostly concentration and looking at her peers or her teacher.

During the actual performance I had to wait backstage with her for a bit until the teacher came to get them.  She sat so patiently in her chair…just waiting for her big moment.  It was very exciting.  (Or, in Moira terms, “ess-iting”.)

let's-danceweb waiting-to-dance

I think we have a little showstopper on our hands…