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fun and (mostly) free mickey mouse activities for kids

December 27, 2013

Still on a Disney-kick, today I have a couple of my favorite free (or mostly free) Mickey Mouse themed activities for you to do with your kids.  I used some of these when I was working as an SLP, not to mention with my own kids both at home and on vacation.  If they can’t be printed and assembled at home, then they can definitely be put together with some inexpensive craft supplies, or a couple of dollars.  Cheap fun…the best kind!

Mickey_Mouse_Preschool_Pack Mickey Mouse Printable Pack at 1+1+1=1

mini mickey unit

Mini Mickey Mouse Unit at Counting Coconuts


Teardrop Mickey Papercraft at Disney Family
Mickey and Friends Winter Day Activity Book at Disney Family
Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Playset at Disney Family


Check out these DIY Ideas for Keeping Kids Busy at Disney I posted yesterday too.

Lastly, you can always Google “Mickey Mouse Printable” and get an endless supply of Mickey Mouse and Friends coloring pages.  Keep ’em busy for hours!



diy ideas for keeping kids busy at disney world

December 26, 2013

For Christmas this year, we decided to give our kids the gift of magic and an experience of a lifetime…we are taking them to Disney World.  It is our gift to each other as well.  Even as adults, we are totally in love with the place.  So, in that spirit, I am sharing some Disney-themed actives that I collected/put together in the past.  Having them last time was great, so they are already packed and ready to go for this trip as well.


I know you may be thinking I am crazy…why would we need to keep the kids busy at Disney?  There is so much to do, to see.  The fact of the matter is, there are always moments when the kids might be on the brink of losing it, are getting bored (hello waiting), or need a change of pace.  Last year, before we went to Disney World, I started accumulating our “box of Disney”…things that would distract, keep busy, quiet, or reward the kids as needed.  Some of these are purchased items, some are handmade, but all were successful in achieving said objectives.  I brought them out as soon as we were seated on the plane and kept some of the items in my backpack in the parks, to pull out as needed.

Let’s take a peek!  First, the purchased:


Stickers (I gathered any and all of the Disney-themed stickers we had in our stock of stickers. It seems that the kids get stickers for everything, and they love them, so I keep some aside in case); Pez & dispenser (we had this one from last year…I just replenish the candies and use to reward as needed); Mini Bubbles from the dollar store (I kept a few in my backpack and they came in handy while waiting for transportation…we even gave one away to a little boy who needed some distraction); and Play Packs (these come in every theme, can be found in almost any store, and are awesome for meal time).

And the handmade:


I keep these bags of goodies in the carry on luggage and bring one (or both) in my backpack to the parks.


Mickey Mouse Color Matching–made from paint samples, a Mickey mouse punch, and some clothes pins.


Mickey Mouse Felt Stringing–pretty self-explanatory.


Mickey Mouse and Friends Matching Game–made from some of the stickers that came in the mail.  Does anyone else get these???  They are perfect for this DIY!


Mickey Mouse and Friends Puzzles–this is part of a Mickey Mouse Printable Pack available at 1+1+1=1.



Mickey Mouse Tracing–I have the number download available at this link: Mickey Mouse Numbers.  The names are also part of the Mickey Mouse Printable Pack at 1+1+1=1.


And although these are not activities to keep the kids busy, they are a few of the not-so-obvious items I packed before, keep in the “box of Disney”, and am bringing again.  Disposable Ponchos (available at Amazon) for those tropical showers; SafetyTats (also at Amazon) for a piece of mind; Sandwich Bags (I have Disney themed bags from the dollar store) for snacks and other little things; Clothes Pins, for drying/airing out clothes on the stroller; Hand Sanitizer, obviously; and a Spray Bottle, for misting the kids when it gets hot.

Do you have any tricks for keeping the kids busy on theme-park vacations…you know, those times when everyone just about on the verge of a family melt-down?


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