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bow ties & cotton tails garland

April 11, 2014

Isn’t it funny how at Christmastime, there is an endless amount of songs being sung about the holiday? Then we get to Easter and there is…one, maybe two!?!? We all know the one thought, right? “Here comes Peter Cotton Tail, hopping down the bunny trail…” Today I pay homage to that song. I remember my Grandmother sining it at Easter time to me when I was little. And now, when I think of that Peter Cotton Tail, I see a dapper bunny dressed in a bow tie, hopping along with his fluffy tail following behind. Inspiration for some Easter decor is what I call it.


This Easter Bow Ties & Cotton Tails Garland is too cute not to add to your decor.  It isn’t quite as obviously Easter as, say, eggs would be…but anyone who knows the song will get it.


You’ll need a bag of jumbo cotton balls and a spool of your ribbon color.  I ended up going with the turquoise.  Shocker.  You will also need a hot glue gun and needle and thread.


Make your bows by cutting a length of ribbon, attaching the ends to make a loop, then wrapping the center with a shorter length of ribbon.  Secure the whole thing with glue.


Then just string your cotton and bow ties  onto your thread, working right through the center of the bow.


I apologize if you now have “Peter Cotton Tail” stuck in your head for the rest of the day.  But isn’t this garland so stink in’ cute?  Have a great weekend!


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doodled easter eggs

April 8, 2014

Today’s project comes to you as a result of me wanting to do something fast, something fun, something untypical of Easter Eggs, DIY, super simple, and something that matched my colors in almost any room of my house.  It all came down to doodling.


There is something totally relaxing about doodling, and at the end of the day when I was zoning out to some prime time television, I doodled away.  No particular plan in mind really, just a couple of lines, shapes, and patterns.  I kept it minimal and simple this time but am already thinking about some more elaborate doodles.


All you need is some plastic Easter eggs and permanent marker, like a Sharpie.  I did white eggs, but any color to match your style or decor could be fun.  If I trusted myself to be gentle, I might even use blown eggs.  I am not gentle.  I can already hear the string of curse words as I break egg after egg trying to ‘gently’ doodle.  If you are not-so-careful, or even not-so-lucky, like me then go with plastic!


Now that I think of it, I may just dig out the bright & pastel eggs to draw on next, just because.  That was fun!



easter party inspiration

April 6, 2014

Easter is only a couple of weeks away but that doesn’t mean you can’t throw together a fun little soiree with the kiddies in a pinch to celebrate the day.  Maybe it’s an Easter Egg Hunt, maybe it’s an Easter Brunch, or maybe it’s just an afternoon playdate with some snacks.  I personally would take any of those as a fun excuse to party!  Whatever your pleasure is, check out some of these ideas to get the creativity flowing.


Here I have highlighted some of my favorite details, but I encourage you to check out the full event for some fabulous inspiration.

easter grass runner

Bring the egg hunt theme to the table by bringing in the grass.  In this party, you can find Spring grass incorporated into the centerpieces, table runner, and favors.  So fresh! (via Kara’s Party Ideas)

pastel easter

I love the use of egg cartons and holders to display the treats in this pastel party. (via Amy Atlas)

How about the food!  Carrot juice, carrot cake…

easter party foods

…not to mention some sweet little ‘bird’s nest’ treats filled with candy eggs. (via Amy’s Party Ideas)

easter drinks

These darling little strawberry milk drinks would fit perfectly with the pastels. (via Project Nursery)

egg cake pops

I love the treats in this Mod Easter Party.  The cookies are a work of art and I am sort of obsessed with the way the cake pops are made to look like Easter Eggs! (via Hostess with the Mostess)

Now, decorating your table can be as carefree or elaborate as you’d like…

shabby chic easter

If you don’t have matching decor or serverware, no fear!  This Shabby Chic Easter Party has all of the colors and style of Easter and Springtime, all together in one awesome display. (via Double the Fun Parties)

peter rabbit

I am a fan of books and book-themed parties.  Peter Rabbit would be a perfect match for the season. (via Hello Naomi)

jewel tone and metallic easter party

Bold jewel tones and metallics make quite a statement.  This party has “I didn’t hold back” written all over it. (via Hostess with the Mostess)

pastel easter celebration

Pastels are traditional and beautiful when displayed up against a solid white background like  in this sweet celebration. (via Pizzazzerie)

ribbon backdrop

Speaking of backgrounds!  This curly ribbon background is amazing!  What an impact a bunch of ribbon can have! (via A to Zebra Celebrations)

sparkle backdrop

How about a solid white backdrop.  This one is just as easy, just as frugal, and just as “WOW”! (via Kojo Designs)

bunny bunting

Whatever your dessert, consider a fun topper that fits your theme–like this bunny bunting.  So stinkin’ sweet! (via The Path Less Traveled on Etsy)

treat bags

Don’t forget to send some goodies home.  Whether it is chocolate eggs, some jelly beans, or a little toy, a little bag stenciled with a bunny would be perfect…and easy! (via Four R Designs on Etsy)

I hope you have some great ideas for your Spring or Easter celebration now.  Enjoy your party planning!


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bunny cupcake toppers for kids

April 4, 2014

Why not add a child’s touch to your Easter treats this year.  It is easier than you may think and fun to get the little ones involved.  Let’s not forget how fabulous it is too to have something to keep the kids busy while you manage something else.


Print out the bunny shapes and tell your kids you need them they are going to make fun decorations for their cupcakes.  Then walk away and do what you need to do.  See what they come up with.  Ronan is more of a ‘solid color’ person and Moira is more of a “stripes, dots and patterns” person.


Once they all of the bunnies were colored, I cut out as many as I needed, glued a tiny little pom pom on for the tail, glued on a toothpick, and ended up with a super-cool, colorful, and kid-friendly cupcake topper.  Imagine how excited they were to see their own creations on top of the cupcakes (that they helped to bake as well).


Here is what you need:


Have fun creating!


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easter carrot food & craft ideas

March 30, 2014

When you think of all of the mainstream items related to Easter, what do you think of most often?  Jelly beans, baskets, bunnies, eggs…carrots?  There is certainly no shortage of ways to deck out your home or event with all things Easter each spring.  To boot, most of what you will find is so bright and cheery, it adds just the right amount of happy to the dullness that is the end of winter.  (I certainly need bright and cheery here…it snowed yet again last night!)

Last week I featured some ways to decorate with Easter Eggs.  This week I am sharing some fun Carrot Food & Craft ideas for the Easter season.


Take a peek…you are sure to find the most simplest to the more elaborate ways to add some Easter Carrots to your celebration of this happy spring holiday.

carrot bunting

Paper Carrot Garland via Fiskars

paint carrot garland

Bunnies & Carrots Easter Garland via The Alison Show

felt carrot garland

Easy Felt Carrot Garland via Positively Splendid

carrots & hummus

Hummus with Carrots via Las Rectas de la Felicidad

cake pops

Carrot Cake Pops via The Cake Journal

carrot cake cookies

Carrot Cake Cookies via Lil Luna

carrot krispie treats

Easter Bunny Treats via The Celebration Shoppe

carrot cups

Carrot Sugar Cookies in Dirt via Tablespoon

surprise cupcakes

Sparkling Surprise Carrot Cupcakes via Hostess with the Mostess

carrot topper

Carrot Cake Toppers via No Biggie

carrot toppers

Carrot Cake Toppers via Fiskars

carrot cutlery

Easter Carrot Napkin Bundles via Our Best Bites

carrot prints

Fingerprint Carrots via Sassy Dealz

carrot eggs

Carrot Easter Eggs via A Night Owl Blog

easter carrot containers

Easter Carrot Containers via Circus Berry

carrot goodie bags

Carrot Goodie Bags via Landeelu

carrot printable

Printable Carrot Cones via The Red Thread

easter carrot treat bags

Easter Carrot Treat Bags via Confessions of a Cookbook Queen

jelly bean carrots

Jelly Bean Carrots via Spoonful

paper carrot

Paper Carrots via Oh Happy Day

silly putty carrot

Silly Putty Carrot via The Organized Parent

If you are looking for some inspiration of incorporating Easter Eggs into your decor or event, check out my roundup from last week…


20 Fun Ways to Decorate with Easter Eggs

Have fun creating!


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