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leftover halloween candy ideas

October 27, 2013

We have a super big day for the little ones coming up this week, and it is all so exciting…all because of candy.  After all of the Halloween candy is collected this week, brought home, sorted through, and a couple of pieces eaten, this is what may happen:

If you are like my family, the kids will get to pick out a piece each night after dinner (if they ate all of their dinner and if they were well behaved) for about a week.  Then, the candy consumption will taper off.  Then, in February when a new round of candy comes in you will see that you still have all of this other candy left from 4 months ago.  Maybe you throw it out.  Maybe you get creative.  Maybe your re-implement the one-piece-a-day-after-dinner rule.

Well, you can skip those last parts all together and do something fabulous with all of that candy from the get go.  Here are a Baker’s Dozen of Halloween candy ideas for your viewing pleasure:


candy bar cookie bar

Use all of your candy at once with these Loaded Candy Cookie Bars via My Baking Addiction.

 milky way cheesecake

If you have an excess of  Milky Way bars, try these Caramel Apple Milky Way Cheesecake Bars via Inside BruCrew Life.

milky way brownies

Or, throw them into a brownie, like these Candy Bar Brownies via Miss in the Kitchen.

ice cream cake

If you have a birthday to bake for, try out the Candy Bar Ice Cream Cake via Tablespoon.

cookie base

Practically anything can go into the Perfect Cookie Base via Cookies and Cups.

cooke cups

Just the same, any mini candy could go into these Frosted Candy Bar Stuffed Cookie Cups via Kevin & Amanda.

candy ice cream

I heart Ice Cream, so the Candy Explosion Ice Cream via Coffee and Cannolis is right up my alley.

candy bark

Gift your Halloween candy for Christmas by making this Leftover Halloween Candy Bark via Brown Eyed Baker.

candy bar milkshake

Get super, duper indulgent with Candy Bar Milkshakes via Oh Nuts.

candy bar cookies

Use up some of that candy for your Christmas cookies with Colorful Candy Bar Cookies via Taste of Home.

snickers cookie

Snickers are definitely a Halloween fave, so throw them into some Soft and Chewy Snickers Chocolate Chip Cookies via Averie Cooks.


If brownies aren’t your thing, or if you want to switch it up, try the Candy Bar Blondies via Sally’s Baking Addiction.

operation gratitude

Finally, the bonus idea: you can donate.  Many dentist offices will participate in a Halloween Candy Buy-Back program in which candy is donated to troops.  On the other hand, you can send the candy yourself, along with any other items of need (you would be surprised what basic items they could use, that we take for granted), to our troops through Operation Gratitude or Operation Shoebox.  Not a bad idea, right!

What do you usually do with all of that candy???  Please share!


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stamped halloween treat bags

October 18, 2013

Sometimes I head into a DIY thinking, “This will take me no time at all”.  Then I am amazed at the “no time” it actually takes.  This is one of those.


I wanted to do something cute and unique for the kids’ classroom Halloween treats…especially with concerns of allergies and even more because these are the little things that I love and that they love and that they will care less about eventually (all…”MOM!  You’re embarrassing me!”).

I have a stash of these muslin bags that are just the perfect size for a single dum-dum and some stickers (both from the Dollar Tree…score!).  Oh, and the stamps are from the dollar bin at Michaels.  You can find these little bags at The TomKat StudioShop Sweet Lulu, or Sucre Shop.

Ink, stamp, ink, stamp, ink, stamp…fill…done!


It’s so easy I myself can’t even believe it!


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halloween front porch

October 5, 2013

I was a crazy lady this week on the front of the house and now the front porch is looking festive for the fall.

Ya see, we have this really great front porch and I wanted to deck it out for Halloween without over doing it.  Less is more for me lately, at least that’s what I aim for.  I added a couple of touches here and there and am really happy with the results.


I got some branches from the backyard and spray painted them black for some Halloween flair.  Spooky…


I thought we would try some of the stackable pumpkins this year.  They are so cool…it was hard to draw the line on when to stop with those…



The pillow was a freezer paper stencil I did on an old black shirt a couple years ago.


That big orange vase… I almost gave that up to Goodwill but changed my mind at the last minute.  My favorite part of this little corner is the  bundle of paper lanterns.  Adds a little burst of color in that corner.  And some whimsy.



It is so fun to have a nice big front porch to dress up for the season!  I am already thinking about the Christmas decor!


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