3 Reasons Why You Should Keep a Freelance Journal

If you haven’t read my New Year’s Writing Resolutions ( read it here ), then you won’t know that getting organized is one of my major goals for the upcoming year of 2017.

And if you haven’t read my success story on HubPages for 2017 ( go on and read it here ), you won’t know just how well I am doing in accomplishing those goals.

Go ahead and read. I’ll wait… Done reading? Good. Let’s go on then.

Part of getting organized for me was starting what I call a “freelance journal”. The concept may already exist. I don’t know. I thought of it for myself on my own.

Anyway, a freelance journal is basically a log of my daily writing. I keep track of my page views, offers, feedback, emails, accepted jobs, etc. I write down my goals for the day, what I need to accomplish, and any new article ideas I have had to be added to the master list later. I mark off what I accomplish as I accomplish it. I hand-write outlines or jot down notes when I don’t have access my computer.

Reason One to Keep a Freelance Journal: Organization and Time Management

This allows me to flip through the pages and see what I have and haven’t done, which days my writing was more successful, and how much I accomplished.

Reason Two to Keep a Freelance Journal: Accomplishing Your Goals

That, in turn, allows me to better organize my time each day to fit the format of the successful days.

Of course, I don’t always accomplish writing all the articles I want to in one day, or the goals outside of just writing. (There are a lot of those, like promotions, taking pictures, editing, etc. You know what kind of chores I mean if you write.)

But it really does work and it really does help.

Reason Three to Keep a Freelance Journal: It Breaks Up Writing

If you write, then you also know how tedious constant writing can be. Keeping a journal can help break up writing and proofreading while still making sure you are working toward your goals in a positive manner. By keeping a freelance journal, you help break up your time without the constant tediousness of constant writing, which can lead to boredom and not accomplishing anything.

My madness is slowly getting organized and turning me into an efficient content producer. I have 20 articles waiting in my queue and publish several articles a day since I implemented my new system, more than I ever did before now.

Look for my upcoming article: “How To Organize Your Freelance Journal”.