4 Easy Summer Hairstyles for Men with Medium to Long Hair

Stylish hairstyles designed for men with medium to long length hair can be difficult to find. These four easy summer hairstyles are great for men who want a little variety with their hair and want cool, fun summer hairstyles.

  1. Surfer Beach Hair

Surfer style hair is a summer favorite because it's easy to style and looks fun and casual. The surfer hairstyle is often associated with Owen Wilson.

Start with dry hair. Take a pea sized amount of hair wax or putty, preferably one that is designed for the surfer look, and rub it in your hands to warm it up. Now, stroke your fingers through your hair, pulling your hair back off your face. If you have bangs cut into your hair, stroke your fingers through your bangs straight out from your face so that your bangs fall flat onto your forehead.

  1. Soft and Smooth

Soft, smooth long hair on men is a favorite of women because it looks so touchable. Soft, smooth hair is also great for summer because it's easy and fun. The hairstyle is best represented by Zac Efron and Justin Bieber.

Start with towel dried hair that is still damp. Use a nickel sized amount of creme or mousse with moderate hold and work through your hair evenly with your fingers or, preferably, a wide toothed comb. Blow dry your hair dry while brushing it from underneath it a broad, flat paddle brush. If you have bangs, brush your bangs from underneath with the paddle brush, but at the bottom of the bangs roll the brush downwards to flip the ends.

  1. Slicked Back Hair

A slicked back hairstyle brings class to an otherwise casual summer season and keeps hair out of your sweaty face. Made popular again by George Clooney, this retro style looks great on medium to long hair lengths.

Start with dry hair. Part your hair on the side. Take a dime sized dab of hair gel in your palm and rub it between your hands. Stroke your fingers through your hair, pushing your hair back and to the side. Now, take a small dab of pomade or hair wax and smooth down any hairs that are still poking up. The last step is to use your palms to smooth the sides of your hair over your temples.

  1. Spiked Out

Spiky long hair can look wild and exciting, just what you want for summer. Many rock stars have been wearing this hair style for years.

Start with towel dried hair that is still damp. Rub a dime sized dab of max hold hair gel between your hands. Run your fingers through your hair, pulling your hair up and outwards. Once you've applied all of the hair gel to your hair, blow dry it while continuing to pull your hair up and outwards in all directions. Once your hair is completely dry, you can fine tune any strands that look out of place or are in your face. Be careful not to flatten you hair by over working it.