Beginner’s Sewing Projects: Gifts You Can Make Your Kids

Beginner’s Sewing Projects: Gifts You Can Make Your Kids

Sew Children’s Gifts for Holidays, Birthdays and More

If you’ve learned the basic techniques and basic stitches in sewing you’re ready to start making your kids some fabulous gifts! You might not have much confidence in your sewing abilities right now, but once you see the fantastic things you can make for your children, you’ll gain lots of confidence! Make things for their birthdays, holidays or just because you feel like it! They’ll love the new gifts, and you’ll have so much fun making them, the party will never stop!

Make a tub play area for your child – or a friend’s – by starting with an old blanket. Set the blanket in the bathtub and cut it around the edges so that it fits well. Start pinning a wide ribbon around the top edges of the cut blanket. As you go along, create small puckers, then cover them with the ribbon. These puckers will allow you to shape the blanket like the tub. Stitch the ribbon on and remove the pins. If you want extra padding use fabric glue to attach pieces of foam to the underside of the blanket, on the bottom and the sides. Babies often cry to go in the bathroom with Mom, and now when ever Mom is fixing her hair or getting ready for work, baby can play in the tub – protected from harm. Throw in some toys and he or she will be all set.

Make bed pockets where kids can tuck in books, tv remote and other items. The pocket set can hang off the side or the end of the bed. Cut a long, wide piece of cloth and hem all the way around it. One end of the cloth will be pushed way back, between the box springs and mattress, while the other side hangs over the bed. Sew on pockets from old garments or create new ones from squares or rectangles of fabric. Or, just stitch one long, rectangular piece across the bottom that hangs near the floor. Stitch sections into this piece and kids can store many items. These are great for adults’, too.

Make your little girl a cute purse by starting with a rectangular, cloth place mat. Lay the mat so that one short side is facing you. Grab the edge and pull it up to the center – or slightly higher. Pin and stitch up the sides. As you near the top edge place the end of a piece of roping, ribbon or other strap material. Finish sewing and back-tack the corners. Fold the flap over and stitch on a velcro piece to close the purse. You can decorate the purse with fabric paints, tassels, fake jewels, sequin and other embellishments.

Make a purse that features your child’s favorite cartoon character by simply stitching two wash cloths together. Leave the top corners open and insert a long strand of beads for the handle. Cut the cartoon character from a piece of cloth. You’ll find many characters at a store that sells fabric. Use fabric glue to attach the image then use fabric paints to outline the design. The paints will hide the raw edges and secure them to the washcloth. This little purse is perfect for any young girl.

Make backpacks for little kids by using a towel and folding it as you did the above place mat. Lay the towel so that one short end faces you, fold it up a little over halfway, then stitch the sides shut. Before sewing the sides you can stitch on pockets, loops and other holders. Use wide ribbon or wide binding to make the straps for the backpack. Use a piece of velcro to secure the flap.

Make a gift for a boy or a girl by cutting 2 long pieces of fabric. The fabric should be about twice as wide as a crayon. Lay the two pieces of material right-sides together. Stitch around one short end and both long sides. Turn the material right-side out. Stitch closed. Fold one long end up until it is only a couple of inches away from the edge. Stitch down the sides and you’ll create one very long pocket. Lay a crayon next to the edge of the pocket and draw a line beside it. Move the crayon to the opposite side of the line and draw another line. Continue moving the crayon down the pocket, drawing lines to mark where each crayon will go. Stitch these lines and you’ve created a unique crayon holder. Tie shut with a ribbon, mark a spot where the ribbon meets the fabric, and tack the ribbon to the cloth in this area. Kids can roll the crayon holder into a circle then tie shut with the ribbon. Make each narrow pocket slightly wider to create a magic marker holder; make the pockets much longer to hold colored pencils. Stitch a length of string across the unfolded edge of the crayon holder, and leave excess string on each end, and kids can wear the crayon holder instead.

Make scarves for the family by cutting long pieces of sweater material. Cut the pieces wide, place right sides together, then stitch along the length. Turn the piece right-side out and stitch the ends closed or just tie them in a knot. Other materials you can use include lightweight blanket material or even velour.

Teen girls will love towels they can wear around their bedrooms or after they’ve been swimming. Take a large towel and fold it in half, then stitch the edges together. Stitch a piece of elastic around one end of the towel and the girl can simply slip the towel on. Or, don’t create a side seam at all but instead, overlap the towel at the top. Pin the overlap shut for the moment, stitch the elastic in, then remove the pin. This creates a split-side towel that’s great for wearing after swimming. You’ll really love practicing your new sewing skills and your kids will love all the new gifts they receive! Keep on practicing and you’ll soon be making them lots of clothes, curtains, bed sets…