Men are simple creatures. They like to play, relax and eat. If you can satisfy one of those primal urges you are already half the way to selecting a perfect gift for a man. A few ideas to satisfy the “Play” urges in a man include:

PLAY: All guys like to play something. Find out what your boyfriend’s favorite “play” pastime is and go for it.

1) Game System: Clearly the most expensive of the “play” suggestions but probably the one that will get the most attention. There are several popular ones to choose from. Your selection should include one that has the interactive capability. You know, where you can stand up and play tennis and your physical motions transfer to the player on the screen. This way you are satisfying his electronic need while at the same time still ensuring he gets some sort of exercise.

2) Video Game: If he already has a system and he is pleased with it, consider getting him the absolute latest release game for that system. The new releases are typically more expensive at first then they are say 6 to 8 months later, but he will have it before his buddies do. Find out what type of game he likes playing then ask the store clerk for the very latest game in that type.

3) Internet Game Subscription: There are so many sites offering game services today. Most of them cost something to join though. These fees are usually rather economical so don’t let that scare you away. Consider the sites that offer multiple games of many different types in addition to the individual sites, referred to as; MMORPG: Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game.

4) Sports Equipment: Is your boyfriend particularly athletic? Then consider getting him something branded, like a sports team sweatshirt or jersey. Make sure whichever one you select brandishes the name of one of his favorite teams and not one of the opposing teams. If he is personally involved, consider shoes for his sport of choice.

RELAX: After a good round of playing electronically interactive games or even running around on a basketball court for a couple of hours, your man will want to take a break.

1) Bathrobe: Not just the ordinary cotton ones you see on the department store sales rack. Get him the thick and thirsty terry robe. Get one of those that hang to the floor; something he can wrap up in if he feels a need to. Choose a color that screams masculine though. It’s one thing to be caught wearing a bathrobe but if it is a pastel blue one then the trouble just gets thicker. A nice dark brown or black is best. Even white would work.

2) Massage Appointment: The ultimate in relaxing would be a professional massage day, or spa day. Try to mask the inference to a woman’s spa day by calling it simply “a massage.” Make sure the masseuse includes a scalp massage; this one will put him to sleep he will be so relaxed.

3) Favorite Movie: Action, Adventure, Fantasy, it doesn’t matter. Just get him one of his favorite ones and promise to sit there and watch it with him. That’s the important thing; watch it with him. Make it as close to a new release as possible. This to ensure he has not seen it yet.

4) Universal Remote: Don’t just buy the remote in a vacuum pack and expect him to set it up. Bring your cable guy out or get your brother-in-law to help set it up. It should be ready to go when your boyfriend first unwraps it. Get the one that will control up to five components so he can do whatever he wants from one remote and one remote only.

EAT: This is probably one of the easiest categories to fulfill; all guys like to eat and usually they aren’t all that specific about what they are eating.

1) Breakfast Buffet: Take him out to your local buffet for breakfast. I say breakfast because that is the one meal we don’t always get to go out for. There are plenty of evening dinners in his future but breakfast offers such a myriad of interesting foods. Try to make it a buffet so he can have his choice of what and how much.

2) Pizza In: Order pizza and have it delivered or you go pick it up. You can wrap this one up with one of the relax titles. Make it so your boyfriend does not have to lift a finger to provide dinner, at least this one evening. Get plenty of pizza so he can have seconds later on in the evening while he is enjoying one of his “play” gifts.

3) Snack Selection: While he is innocently sitting in his new bathrobe, getting ready to watch his new release DVD, prepare a platter of his favorite finger foods. No knives and forks for this guy; let him caveman it all the way. Some selections could include veggies and dip, little hotdogs, cheese and crackers, pizza rolls, potato chips and so on. Don’t look at it as not being good for him, look at it as one night of guiltless pleasure.

4) Chocolate Chip Cookies: Every guy likes chocolate chip cookies, especially if they are hot from the oven. You don’t have to go so far as to make them from scratch but don’t settle for a bag of pre-made cookies either. You can get buckets of cookie dough, or pouches of precut cookies or one of many other “ready to cook” presentations. The magic here is that you had to put them in the oven, time them and then take them out. You did it all for him. Now he has a platter of hot, melty, chocolate chip cookies.

I would like to repeat that most men are not picky. They like creature comforts before anything else. Please try to discipline yourself and don’t fall for the necktie, T-shirts, socks, watch, cologne or soap on a rope stand bys. He can get those anytime he wants and will, if he wants them. The littlest bit of thought will result in your boyfriend getting a piece of happiness that he will remember for a long time. He will also remember who got it for him just as long.