Newborn Gift Ideas

Newborn Gift Ideas

What is a great gift for a newborn?

If you had asked me this question one and a half years ago I probably would have given a silly answer. After receiving many fantastic gifts at my daughter’s baby shower, I knew I was set. About a month into her life I began to realize which items were more useful than others. Now that I am six months pregnant with my 2nd child, I certainly know what I will be asking for on my registry this time around.

-Diapers: You can never ever have too many diapers! Do keep in mind babies are born different sizes. If you plan to buy diapers for someone’s baby shower I would suggest asking around to find out who else may be bringing diapers. Then you can all decide who will buy the newborn, and who will buy size 1. Or if you don’t want to go through the hassle of doing that. You can simply keep the receipt so that the parents can return some of the diapers for a larger size if they may need to do so.

*Note: You should also check with the parents to find out if they plan to use cloth diapers instead of disposable.

-Wipes: Wipes are another fantastic idea. Remember to buy the non-scented wipes. A lot of babies start out with sensitive skin and nearly anything can break them out. They also offer wipes for sensitive skin if you know the parents themselves have sensitive skin so the baby may also.

-Clothes: As far as clothes are concerned this is how I feel. Newborns really stay in onesies and sleepers pretty much 24/7. It is better to keep the regular clothes to a minimum because the babies grow out of them so fast and end up wearing each outfit once or twice. The beanie hats, and socks are also a good gift idea. You have to keep their little heads and feet warm so they don’t get sick!

*Note: If you absolutely want to buy an outfit, make sure that it is one that fits the parents taste. This way you know it will be worn.

-Bibs & Burp Clothes: Another good gift, you never know if the infant is going to be a “spitter” or not. Mother’s should always be prepared. As for bibs, although they won’t be eating baby food for a while, bibs are still a good item to have for babies who spit up on a regular basis.

-In The Bathroom: Baby wash clothes, baby shampoo, baby bathtub, terrycloth robe for after bath. All of these items are fairly cheap. I would suggest staying away from cheap baby shampoo. It can also cause a baby to break out.

-Toys: Newborns may not be interested in most toys due to the fact that their eyes aren’t quite focused yet and they don’t have full control of their body movements. If you get the baby any toys get something that is black and white, this is easier for the baby to see and enjoy.

-Big-ticket items: stroller, car seat, swing, high chair, bouncer, etc. These items are very important and can be very expensive. If you choose to bless your loved ones with a big ticket item I would suggest getting other’s to go in with you so the cost is not so high. Please be sure to read safety reviews on any big-ticket items you may purchase. It will be holding a very important life inside.

-Other: There are other items that some may not think about but are fairly important. Nail clippers (you can also purchase scratch mittens to keep the little one from scratching his/herself and mommy!), gas medicine (many infants keep gas, this is good to have on hand), baby Tylenol or Motrin, and an ear thermometer (they also have pacifier thermometers available but some parents may not be using a pacifier with their little ones). There are probably some things I may be missing but you get the big picture here. Again, as far as pacifiers are concerned, I would leave that up to the parents so that they can choose what they want to do. Some use them, some don’t. Focus on items that will be certainly be used and will make mommy’s life a little easier.

-Books: It’s never too early to start, and you can never have too many!

-Baby Einstein DVDS, or classical music: Although the DVDS can be a little expensive they are such a wonderful gift from newborn and up to start the baby’s brainwaves going. It also seems to keep them content. Classical music CDs or tapes are also a wonderful thing, it not helps get their mind going but it soothes them, great for naptime!

Again, keep all of your receipts in case too many people bless mommy with too much of a certain good thing so that she can exchange them if necessary.

Also, if you absolutely want to give the newborn baby something special and unique. Do it yourself! One of my favorite gifts to give when I hear of a new baby arriving soon is crochet a baby blanket and add the baby’s name and date of birth once the baby is born. If you don’t know how to crochet or knit, that’s fine! You can do this with so many other things, sewing for example. Look up craft ideas on the Internet; you will be surprised what you may find. Another good idea is to create a book just for the baby.

Get some construction paper for the pages, and some to make animals (or another theme) with. Use the letters of the baby’s name to create a book just for him. For example: My son on the way’s first name will be Mateo. I could use M for Moose, A for Alligator, etc. Then create a picture of these animals with the construction paper and other craft ideas. There is always something you can do, just use your imagination, and the Internet!

Note: The most important gift of all you can give a newborn, Tons of hugs and kisses once s/he arrives.

Good luck in your search for a great newborn gift!