How to Cook Delicious Home Made French Fries

How to Cook Delicious Home Made French Fries

If you have only eaten french fries at the restaurant, you can make them at home easily, and they will be fresh and delicious. And your home made french fries will taste like the real thing.


Whole Potatoes (2-3 potatoes per serving)

Canola Oil (or other vegetable oil)


Step 1: Heat the oil in a deep fryer or frying pan to 325 degrees. Caution, if the oil starts to smoke or catches fire, immediately cover the pan and turn off the source of heat. Never pour water on an oil fire.

Step 2: Cut the potatoes lengthwise into narrow strips resembling french fries. To optimize efficiency, cut the potatoes into narrow slivers, then stack the slivers on top of each other to cut again into narrow strips. The more narrow the strips, the fast the fries will cook and the tastier they will be. In my opinion the fries taste better with the skin on them, but if you want skin less fries, you can peel the potatoes beforehand.

Step 3: Carefully place the fries in the hot oil and cook 5-10 minutes, or until slightly golden brown.

Step 4: Turn off the oil, take the fries out, strain out the oil, sprinkle some salt on the fries, and enjoy!

How to Cook a Homemade Philly Cheesesteak Easy, Delicious, Quick and Cheap!

How to Cook a Homemade Philly Cheesesteak Easy, Delicious, Quick and Cheap!

Create a Famous Dish, at Home, Delicious and Easy on a Frugal Budget that All Can Afford

One day my wife talked to me about Philly Cheesesteaks, how easy they seem to be to make and yet how there were hardly any restaurants in ‘our City’ that made it. I researched online, reading multiple lines of text, watching various videos, commenting and rating the various content I came across, and finally took the plunge to take action and see for myself how easy and delicious (and quick) it could be! Note: this was several months ago and since then quite a few restaurants have indeed attempted to recreate the famous Philly Cheesesteaks. I still recommend the homemade version, as its fun to create, delicious to eat and in these troubling economic times for all, a great way to be frugal and cost conscious!

I used delicious sukiyaki meat from the local supermarket, (but you could easily purchase other meat and slice the meat thinly), regular onions, and Kraft QuickMelt Cheese and half sized baguettes. I figure my total costs to make about 4 (four) came to about $10.

Slice the baguette down the middle, chop two onions, slicing off the top and bottom of the onion, so as to get crunchy circular shaped onion rings, and then grate about a half cup of cheese per portion.

If you are oil conscious, lightly grease your pan with low fat unsaturated butter (not oil) – if you do NOT care proceed with a tablespoon or two of sunflower oil, and set the heat on medium. Once the butter/oil is moderately hot, put in the onions, stirring them around quickly. As the onions start to become less crunchy, put the to one side ad put in the meat and start cooking it until the meat becomes brown. You can then add a little salt and pepper to taste prior to pouring the grated cheese over the meat to melt.

You can then place the baguette directly onto the pan to grill the outside and inside. After about 2 minutes you can take the baguette out, placing it on a plate, and then adding the onions, meat and melted cheese. Allow to cool or grab your favorite beverage before admiring, and then chowing down, on your homemade, easy, delicious and quick Philly Cheesesteak! Enjoy!

Second Note: Not all of you will like the onions, so please leave out this step. I’d still add however that onions are not only delicious but great for your blood flow and great for your skin!

What to Cook for a Date at Home

What to Cook for a Date at Home

Dating in, or having a date night at home rather than going out, is becoming increasingly popular. Dating at home is good for times when you can’t go out because of your budget or other reasons. Even if you don’t go out for a meal, though, you can still have great food.

Here are some ideas to help you have the best food possible for your at home date.

1. Tie in your food with your activity.

For example, if you’re watching a movie, pick a food that relates to it. Watch the incredibly romantic Chocolate and serve chocolate fondue, or watch the sweet and funny My Big Fat Greek Wedding and eat falafel. Or you could pack a picnic hamper to bring out into the garden with you as you stargaze.

2. Indulge

Dates are not the time to count calories or worry about your waistline. Just enjoy yourselves. Indulge in foods that are decadent, delicious, and sensual. Make romantic foods like these rose cupcakes, and then you can decorate with the rest of the roses, or scatter rose petals on the table (or anywhere else). If you love rich foods, but never normally eat them, think of foods in creamy sauces and decadent desserts. Date nights in are a time to indulge in great food-worry about your diet another day.

3. Serve aphrodisiacs

Some foods have been associated with love and romance for centuries. Serving a menu full of reported aphrodisiacs can be fun, and you can decide for yourself whether they work.

4. Finger Foods

Make an intimate atmosphere by making finger foods and feeding them to each other. If you don’t want to cook your own, a lot of supermarkets sell pre-made canapés in their party food sections.

5. Cook Favourites

If you know that your partner’s absolute favourite food is lasagna, but you rarely take the time to make it, then consider making lasagna for your date night. If you really love ice cream, open up a tub of ice cream and grab two spoons. Or dish up ice cream with a buffet of toppings: bananas, chocolate sauce, nuts, cream, and cherries. No matter what you choose, it will probably be cheaper to cook it yourself than it would be to go out and eat (plus there’ no tip).

6. Let someone else do the work

If you’ve both had busy days or just really don’t feel like cooking, then you can always get take-away or a food delivery for your date night in. Sometimes ordering pizza and eating it straight from the box is just what the two of you may need. For a cheaper option, many supermarkets offer pre-made or ready made meals that you can just warm. It’s usually cheaper than eating out but saves you the work of making something.

7. Be Inspired

If you want to make something special, but aren’t sure what to do, then flip through your cook books or look at some food blogs for ideas.

Graduation Gifts and Business Success Tool Starter Kits

Graduation Gifts and Business Success Tool Starter Kits

Success Tool Gifts ,Business Ideas, and Fun Experiences as Graduation Gifts

This article offers college graduation gift ideas in all price ranges from the super tight budget , including Free gifts on up . We share more moderately priced gifts and freebies than extravagent. This article includes websites for you to continue your search for the perfect college graduation gift or to make the purchase.

To celebrate graduation with customizable M&Ms , free s/h for orders over $80, personalized special colors, printed messages, and photographs right on each piece of chocolate. www.mymms. com

Many readers want college graduation gifts that provide or help with basic business tools for their graduate. I recently looked at websites that parents gave as gifts to their children. The first website is from the company that developed the website for Holly Madison, a former girlfriend of Hugh Hefner and celebrity Mackenzie Mason.

Building a website with this platform does not require advanced technical skills is . Plans are available from $29.95 per month or with more features for $40 per month and up.

For a graduation gift under $20, you could reserve your graduate their own web domain name at and pay for the year with some basic services.

Another website development company with page and traffic building tools, easy to follow money-making system, and successful sites created by even teenagers who wanted to make money and didn’t have jobs. On a budget, you can pay monthly from $30 . Take the free video tour to see

Just learned about another Free website promotional tool that’s always free and offers training to help you succeed . It was created by two brothers who have spent the last twenty years online making money . They believe that by giving away the online marketing success tools to enough people, they will build a big following.

One of the ways I set up my son for success was to find a health and wellness business that would provide him with products for weight managment and nutrition. Actually I’m dreaming he’ll make enough money and want to pay me back the thousands of dollars I gave him while he was in school. Dreams are free, humor me.

The Zrii products and setting up his business were affordable.The products themselves are endorsed by the Chopra Wellness Center. This is what I gave him

My step-neice , graduating with her teaching degree so she can teach special needs students in Missouri, wants to supplement her teaching salary Her gift cost me $63 including s/h to enroll her in Dove Chocolate Discoveries. They told me this promotion ends March 31.

I gave my step son-in-law, Joe, a barbeque fanatic, a box with three products : Sweet N Spicy Coca Rub$10, Chocolate Fig Balsamic Vinagrette $12, and Sweet N Smoky Chocolate BBQ Sauce$12. I can’t wait until he makes us the barbeque dinner with his graduation gift.

Jackie’s gift has a box of Chocolate Truffle Brownie Mix, a Box of Chai Tea Packages, a Box of Cinammon Dusted Milk Chocolate Almonds, and a Bottle of Chocolate Martini Mix( this is a gift meant for adults only) . It has a free 60-day trial website. She’ll be able to buy product wholesale, have chocolate tasting parties, and even recruit others to make more money.The website

Experiential gifts create memories , some experiences are expensive others more affordable. There’s Stock Car driving in Florida; sports lessons from pros in golf to archery; half-day Corvette racing in places like Houston; Full-Moon kayak tours in N. Miami Beach, Fl; FlyFishing School in Indianapolis, IN; Hot Air Balloon rides in California; Sunset Clam Bake Dune Tour in MA.

What do some of the more expensive experiental gifts cost? Lessons from sports professionals might range from $150 to $2500 per hour or more. The half-day of Corvette racing is listed on this site about about $629. The site lists thousands of ideas in all price ranges online at

Other gifts to help your graduating college student include business gifts such as business cards, stationary, headshots for the actors or actresses graduating, professional life coaching or fitness coaching sessions to help them prepare mentally, physically, emotionally, and financially for their futures.

The next two websites offer FREE registration. As a gift to help your graduating student, you could upgrade their registration and gift them more services on these sites for about $14.95 per month or more, your choice of course. These sites can help launch careers or add supplemental income in voice overs, commercials, and entertainment arts.

This article is for imformation purposes only and I do not make any claims as to your student’s success in any business, I’m just sharing with you how to find these possible pathways. All companies are subject to changing their offerings at any time. Register for free and upgrade services if satisfied at and

For customizable, creative college graduation gifts, at the site called Zazzle you can order custom pins to hoodies from $1.45 buttons and up to $50 and up for Sneakers .Zazzle lets you customize clothing, accessories, office products, magnets, stationery, posters, ipad cases, and even ornaments.

You can start off a writer’s career with a book, e-book publishing, calendar creation for the graduating photographer using . If you want to have help getting the graduates’ first book published, promoted, and distributed, look at and . The gift of an e-book submitted by March 31 through DiscMakers for BookBaby is $99 and includes Free basic formatting into ePub. The regular price is $149.

Book Baby will format and digitally distribute the work to the biggest ebook retailers in the world, making your college graduate’s ebook available on Apple iPad through iBookstore;on Amazon Kindle; Barnes and Noble Nook; and Sony Reader.

Discmakers has an extensive line of options for creating, duplicating, and promoting cds and dvds. If this article helps your graduating student get famous, please have him or her contact me and make a guest appearance on my talk show. I love hearing your success stories.

As always, all prices are subject to change without notice, so check details with individual vendors.

Shining Once Again, David Cook Performs Two Neil Diamond Songs

Shining Once Again, David Cook Performs Two Neil Diamond Songs

Once Again, David Cook rocks the Idol stage. David Cook can pretty much take any type of song and make it his own! We’ve seen him do just about everything on American Idol.

Last night Neil Diamond made a statement about Cook. Neil Diamond said that David Cook gave him goosebumps! It is true. Cook has an amazing talent. He picked two songs that aren’t two of Diamonds extremely popular songs and added his own artistic talent to them. He played the guitar during both of his performances last night.

Cook first sang I’m Alive. I thought that this song was very good, his vocals were nice and strong. However, it didn’t jump out at me as being his best or one of his greatest songs or performances. His second song of the night was, All I Really Need Is You. I thought the second song was done with more of the Cook twist that I love. Paula had stated that, she was already looking at the American Idol! I thought this was true too after his second performance, he deserves that title, the title of the next American Idol.

If you ask me who will be crowned the next American Idol, I would probably say David Archuleta although the person that I think should win it and the person that I hope to win it would be David Cook! David Cook, no doubt about it, has had the most amazing vocals and performances out of all the contestants this year. Cook has also been the most consistent in all of his performances.

However, the reason I feel like Archuleta may win American Idol is because of his age. Most of the the kids and teenagers across America are all voting for him, this is a large population of the American vote. The young girls are falling in love with him, and the young guys think he’s cool because they can relate to him age wise.

The rest of the votes would be split upon the other four remaining contestants. I even see this on my own street. My 7-year-old son and his friends all vote for Archuleta, my 14-year-old sister-in-law and all of her friends vote for Archuleta. Then the adults on the street all seem to have split opinions, and voted for all different contestants. My gut instinct is that the two David’s will be the two remaining on the last episode of Idol. I hope that Cook is crowned the Idol, but if the American youth can have it their way we will be looking at Archuleta. Regardless, David Cook is going somewhere big after his time shining in the spotlight of American Idol!