Shining Once Again, David Cook Performs Two Neil Diamond Songs

Shining Once Again, David Cook Performs Two Neil Diamond Songs

Once Again, David Cook rocks the Idol stage. David Cook can pretty much take any type of song and make it his own! We’ve seen him do just about everything on American Idol.

Last night Neil Diamond made a statement about Cook. Neil Diamond said that David Cook gave him goosebumps! It is true. Cook has an amazing talent. He picked two songs that aren’t two of Diamonds extremely popular songs and added his own artistic talent to them. He played the guitar during both of his performances last night.

Cook first sang I’m Alive. I thought that this song was very good, his vocals were nice and strong. However, it didn’t jump out at me as being his best or one of his greatest songs or performances. His second song of the night was, All I Really Need Is You. I thought the second song was done with more of the Cook twist that I love. Paula had stated that, she was already looking at the American Idol! I thought this was true too after his second performance, he deserves that title, the title of the next American Idol.

If you ask me who will be crowned the next American Idol, I would probably say David Archuleta although the person that I think should win it and the person that I hope to win it would be David Cook! David Cook, no doubt about it, has had the most amazing vocals and performances out of all the contestants this year. Cook has also been the most consistent in all of his performances.

However, the reason I feel like Archuleta may win American Idol is because of his age. Most of the the kids and teenagers across America are all voting for him, this is a large population of the American vote. The young girls are falling in love with him, and the young guys think he’s cool because they can relate to him age wise.

The rest of the votes would be split upon the other four remaining contestants. I even see this on my own street. My 7-year-old son and his friends all vote for Archuleta, my 14-year-old sister-in-law and all of her friends vote for Archuleta. Then the adults on the street all seem to have split opinions, and voted for all different contestants. My gut instinct is that the two David’s will be the two remaining on the last episode of Idol. I hope that Cook is crowned the Idol, but if the American youth can have it their way we will be looking at Archuleta. Regardless, David Cook is going somewhere big after his time shining in the spotlight of American Idol!