Warning, Destructive Forces Ahead: Technology is Lurking

Thirty years ago, no one had any idea what an iPod is. Xbox, Satellite radio and touch screen phones are just a few of the amazing feats in technology that we have accomplished in these past years. In today's society, we fell compelled to have every single gadget that's in "the now". We strive to be up to date with all the new gizmos and toys there are on the market. But is this increasingly rising power using destructive forces to pull apart the very fabric of human life? Today, we stay home more often; we use technology to do our jobs for us. Consequently, we are becoming lazier and more dependent on electronics for everyday tasks. This new "tech" age also see's the rise in weaponry and nuclear development, something everyone knows can have serious if not deadly effects on our civilization. As technology rises, does our intelligence grow at the same speed? We live in the fast lane, cruising through life without a care in the world, knowing our computers are handling everything for us. Are the upsides really bigger than all the downsides?

Why go to work when you can sit at home and buy and sell products on auction sites such as Ebay, or go outside and play when videogames can be just as if not more entertaining than baseball and basketball? Electronics make life easier, and way more fun. But from this "fun" we see a higher rate for obesity, arthritis and heart disease. Less and less people are walking to work because of the simplicity of a car. Outdoor activities are overshadowed by the need to "pwn nubs in FFS". As this ever-growing wave of new technologies engulfs our lives, making staying healthy a near impossible goal. So we must make the decision of facility or difficulty. Now this question sounds dumb and obvious; we will always pick facility, but is that necessarily the right answer? Although it is much harder, going outside and walking instead of driving can improve your quality of life. You will not melt because of the light, and no your corneas will not explode. With this new rush of technology, this goal seems harder and harder to reach. Cars and television become too enticing to continue living a hard, but healthy life. For example, cars, busses, subways and other modes of transportation have all made our lives easier, quick ways to travel between point A and point B. But is it necessary to drive to a location that can easily be obtained by walking? The extra two or three minutes of travel time will pay off in the long run. You will stay fit, have more energy, won't get sick as often and you will feel better overall. Today we live busy lifestyles. "Drive thru's" may be easier; you don't even have to leave your car to eat. But what if we didn't have cars? "Drive thru's" would be non-existent. We would have to sit down to eat our meals slowly and properly. When you eat, your digestive track goes to work. Remember the old saying don't go swimming 30 minutes after you eat? Well this theory applies to all sorts of activities. It's not healthy to eat and drive. Your body can't digest the food properly because it is already focused on something else. You begin to feel bloated and nauseous. Sitting down and slowly consuming food allows your body to focus on digesting, giving you more energy and leaving you feeling ready to go. But technology doesn't only have a bad effect on our lives.

AK-47, Saw Automatic Machine Gun and nuclear bombs are only some of the new weaponry and defense systems that technology has given us. Electronic equipment allows military forces to build and design new firepower's to use. What can we say technology has given us? We are now faced with the fear of a nuclear bomb being set off, the accidental firing of a gun and of course a plane flying into a building. Good country America, isn't it? Evil minds are constantly at work searching for weaknesses with their enemies. Peace seems unattainable and out of reach. Why stop building new weapons if you can? The technology is there and boy are we using it. It wont be soon enough that we have to wear gas masks outsides to prevent nuclear poisoning from a nuke. But it's not just weapons that technology has helped out. Humans have gotten smarter. We have the ability to track down our enemies using radar, satellites, call monitoring and more. Technology enables us to be smarter than we really are. It's like a second brain, one that is twice as big with one hundred times the amount of knowledge. Is this really what the world needs to continue turning around the sun?

Technology has created many numerous opportunities and advantages, but it also has created a turmoil situation that can almost never be overcome. We have such a high dependency of technology that one day, it will be our downfall. Although there is so much bad from this one source, it brings along a load of good too. We are more organized, intelligent and we can do much more than we thought we could do. What would we do without a cell phone or a laptop? Almost our entire lives are in these devices. Without them, it would be much harder to continue living a regular life, whatever regular is.