Ten Great Handmade Gifts That Anyone Can Make

Ten Great Handmade Gifts That Anyone Can Make

Soap/Candles – This gift is appropriate for women, mostly. Soap can be given to girls too young to be given candles. You don’t have to be a whiz to do this. Stores have kits that you can use to make candles and soaps. Places like Hobby Lobby and Michaels are pretty much guaranteed to have an excellent variety. You can add dyes and fragrances, and a variety of different shaped molds are available. The prices are pretty friendly, too, since you’re only paying for the supplies and doing the work yourself. If your first attempts aren’t as attractive as you’d like, keep them for your own personal use.

Baked goods – Almost everyone would appreciate some sweet treats, but a good target for this sort of gift would be college students and people who are moving out on their own for the first time. Cupcakes, cookies, brownies, pies, cakes, and casseroles are some examples. Anything that does not require heating before they eat it, or anything easily reheated, is a good idea. Recipes are readily available online, or just grab a cookbook. Cooking not your thing? Try something simple. Cookies are hard to mess up. You don’t have to make them completely from scratch. Buy Pillsbury. They won’t know the difference. Most people don’t care either way. So few people go to such efforts they’ll still be thankful for the thought.

Photo album – This is a good gift for people who are very close to you. Maybe you have pictures they’d like to have? Pictures of you or your family, or pictures you have of that person, or pictures of you and them together. Just take the negatives to a photo center and have some more copies made. You can put them in a photo album or in a scrapbook so that you can add decoration and your thoughts. Also, framing a favorite or significant portrait is a nice thought as well.

Blanket – Everyone loves blankets. Plus, they can range in difficulty, from extremely easy to extremely difficult. Most people aren’t up to making quilts. But if you are, there are plenty of books on the subject. Or you can consult a relative. A simple fleece throw is nice and easy to make. You can add their initials or a special trim to make it a unique and special gift. You can also crochet or knit a blanket, though this requires more effort. You can also buy blankets that have spaces for cross stitching, so you can personalize them that way. Cross stitching is very easy to pick up if you haven’t done it before.

Stationary – This is very easy and very impressive looking. If you have Microsoft Publisher or something similar, I would recommend using that. You can also use Word, though it is more limiting. Create some stationary using the person’s initials, their business or personal information, or their name as the heading. You can print it on nice thick paper, or on paper with a fancy border. They have nice stationary paper at Staples and Office Depot. Scrapbook paper works nicely as well, if it’s standard size. Don’t be afraid to get creative and add embellishment, but keep in mind the sort of person you’re giving it too. Give them a thick stack of it, and include some envelopes and some sealing stickers that match. Return address labels are nice, too, and easy to make with Publisher or Word. Just tie the whole thing together with an attractive ribbon or some twine, and they’ll love it.

Pressed flower bookmark – You can also use a three leaf or four leaf clover if the person receiving your gift is male or doesn’t like flowers. Simply pick the flower/clover, and find a thick book to press it in. They make kits for this purpose, but you don’t really need them. After a while the flower will be flat and dry. To preserve it all you have to do is laminate it, and cut the lamination to a nice bookmark size.

Mug – This is a great gift for a parent or a grandparent. You can buy whatever color mug you like, and decorate it with ceramic markers. Michael’s sells these in a variety of colors. You can decorate it with flowers, a witty remark, something that shows what they’re interested in, or simply their initials. The markers are made for this sort of thing, so you don’t have to worry about it wearing off or looking bad later.

Tie-dye t-shirt – This is a great gift for the fun people in your life, and it’s also one of the more fun and easy ideas. Kids can do this, too. You can buy a tie-dye kit, or look up some do-it-yourself instructions online. You can use as few or as many colors as you’d like. It just depends on who you’re making it for. What’s their favorite color? Sports team? Use those colors if you can, it’ll make it more personal and they’ll be more likely to wear it.

Coupon book – Not real coupons, of course, but little slips of paper they can redeem for things like hugs, hot chocolate made by you, or back-rubs. This is appropriate for the people you are around on a day-to-day basis, like parents or spouses. Just write whatever pops into your head on little slips of paper, roughly the size of a coupon book, and staple in together. You can include expiration dates, or requirements similar to the “buy one get one free” idea. You can give them a lot of coupons, or just a few. I would recommend giving them a lot.

Monogram – Most people love to have their initials on something. Anything that you can paint, sew, iron, or stick their initials on that they use every day qualifies. Handbags, golf bags, luggage, book bags, key chains, blankets, pillows, mugs, jewelry, towels, or journals are some examples. Depending on which one you pick, it could be easy or difficult. But the little touch of personalization makes it really special to the person who gets it.