What to Cook for a Date at Home

What to Cook for a Date at Home

Dating in, or having a date night at home rather than going out, is becoming increasingly popular. Dating at home is good for times when you can’t go out because of your budget or other reasons. Even if you don’t go out for a meal, though, you can still have great food.

Here are some ideas to help you have the best food possible for your at home date.

1. Tie in your food with your activity.

For example, if you’re watching a movie, pick a food that relates to it. Watch the incredibly romantic Chocolate and serve chocolate fondue, or watch the sweet and funny My Big Fat Greek Wedding and eat falafel. Or you could pack a picnic hamper to bring out into the garden with you as you stargaze.

2. Indulge

Dates are not the time to count calories or worry about your waistline. Just enjoy yourselves. Indulge in foods that are decadent, delicious, and sensual. Make romantic foods like these rose cupcakes, and then you can decorate with the rest of the roses, or scatter rose petals on the table (or anywhere else). If you love rich foods, but never normally eat them, think of foods in creamy sauces and decadent desserts. Date nights in are a time to indulge in great food-worry about your diet another day.

3. Serve aphrodisiacs

Some foods have been associated with love and romance for centuries. Serving a menu full of reported aphrodisiacs can be fun, and you can decide for yourself whether they work.

4. Finger Foods

Make an intimate atmosphere by making finger foods and feeding them to each other. If you don’t want to cook your own, a lot of supermarkets sell pre-made canapés in their party food sections.

5. Cook Favourites

If you know that your partner’s absolute favourite food is lasagna, but you rarely take the time to make it, then consider making lasagna for your date night. If you really love ice cream, open up a tub of ice cream and grab two spoons. Or dish up ice cream with a buffet of toppings: bananas, chocolate sauce, nuts, cream, and cherries. No matter what you choose, it will probably be cheaper to cook it yourself than it would be to go out and eat (plus there’ no tip).

6. Let someone else do the work

If you’ve both had busy days or just really don’t feel like cooking, then you can always get take-away or a food delivery for your date night in. Sometimes ordering pizza and eating it straight from the box is just what the two of you may need. For a cheaper option, many supermarkets offer pre-made or ready made meals that you can just warm. It’s usually cheaper than eating out but saves you the work of making something.

7. Be Inspired

If you want to make something special, but aren’t sure what to do, then flip through your cook books or look at some food blogs for ideas.